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About TRN

TechRecruit Ninja is a database portal designed to solve a common recruitment problem - to store and update candidate information in a simple, intuitive platform.


Although the world has advanced forward in terms of storing data in databases, there are a few companies, startups and SMEs that store data in spreadsheets and documents. There have been incidents where recruiters have misplaced or accidentally deleted data files, irrevocably losing all of their hard work they've put into compiling that list.

Well, it's for this precise reason that I created TRN - to aid recruitment companies and agencies in providing a system in which they can use to store and update candidate information.


Candidate status toggle

Ability to toggle a candidate status on/off.

Detailed & comprehensive

Store detailed information on your candidate.

Intuitive Design

Removing all the clutter you have seen in your past database portal softwares by providing you the essential information.

More Features

  • Store general candidate information
  • Store top 3 skills of the candidate’s proficiency (eg JavaScript, AWS, PHP etc)
  • Candidate’s Biggest Achievement, Past Team, Interests
  • Store candidate notes – Keeping updates on their progress of their job application search
  • Uploading and storing attachments – For resumes and CVs
  • Inactivate users – who are no longer looking for opportunities


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